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Welcome to 手机版 Schools, the home of Bomber Pride! Our hometown schools offer academic excellence embedded in a unique culture. 我们是KDE的杰出地区之一, where our small-school atmosphere offers big-time opportunities.

We have one school at each level: 手机版 Preschool-Head St艺术, 手机版小学, 手机版中学, 巴拉德纪念高中. With an average of about 100 students per grade level, 每个老师都会了解你的孩子, providing individualized instruction tailored to specific needs. 作为奖励, your child will develop relationships with teachers and classmates that will last a lifetime.

Our college and career readiness rates are some of the best in the state. Employers and college counselors tell us that our students come to them not only with solid academic skills, 但也有一些老派的价值观,比如尊重, 礼仪, 还有首屈一指的职业道德.

Your family can enjoy the best of rural life with big-city amenities – a friendly, 必赢亚洲app下载社区, 有全县光纤网络服务, and plenty of places to take advantage of the great outdoors. We are the only school district in 手机版, and enjoy overwhelming support from our community.

Here’s a thumbnail look at what’s available at our schools:


  • 119 students, ages 3 and 4; eligibility is needs or tuition-based.
  • 128-day schedule, with morning and afternoon sessions Monday-Thursday, August-May
  • 5-STAR rating, based on the state’s STARS for Kids system
  • Full collaboration with regional Head St艺术 services
  • 为内部日托服务的时间
  • All teachers have IECE certifications curriculum follows Teaching Strategies Gold curriculum


  • 533名学生,K-5
  • 21st Century: Before- and after-school remedial and enrichment services, Monday-Thursday, September-April
  • Leader in Me: First year in the Stephen Covey ‘Seven Habits’ program
  • Career Week visits to district career and technical center, robotics classes
  • 到地区演出场地进行文化实地考察, guest theater teacher; music and 艺术 classes for all students
  • Activities/sports: Academic Team; Boy and Girl Scouts; chorus; 4-H Clubs; student council; annual science fair, 演讲的节日, 选秀节目, career day; and Little League 篮球, 足球, 啦啦队和足球.




  • 225名学生,6-8年级
  • 21st Century: Before- and after-school remedial and enrichment services, Monday-Thursday, September-April
  • Leader in Me: 5 years in the Stephen Covey ‘Seven Habits’ program; teaching the habits and leading by example; helping students find their strengths, 让他们来领导, ensuring success; also involved with the regional Young Leaders group at Murray State University.
  • Students in grades 6 and 8 can take classes in the district career and technical center, 包括业务, 家庭和消费者科学, 和3d打印.
  • 活动/俱乐部/运动:学术团队, 区域科学碗, 唱诗班, 乐队, 艺术; Office, 灯塔, 奖励/奖励, recycling; 缝纫, 大哥/大姐, 缝纫, 速溶锅烹饪, 纸牌游戏, 图书馆/阅读, 参考, 4-H, 同情, 女孩的问题, 葬礼; baseball, 篮球, 啦啦队, 足球, 高尔夫球, 足球, 垒球, 网球, 田径赛和排球.


  • 385名学生,9-12年级
  • 21st Century: Before- and after-school remedial and enrichment services, Monday-Thursday, September-April
  • Leadership opportunities are available through numerous organizations, 以及学生大使计划. Ballard students have been accepted in nearly every major honors program: Governor’s Scholars, 州长艺术学校, Gatton学院, 联邦荣誉学院, 休·奥布莱恩青年领袖会议, 州FFA学位, 和4-H金奖.
  • Ballard’s career and technical center is one of the few locally-funded CTCs, and was named the top-rated CTC in the state of Kentucky by the Southern Regional 教育 Board. 我们所有的学生都在那里至少上一门课.
  • 我们提供工作见习等职业活动, 协作式工作学习, 以及各种职业道路上的实习机会. Students can graduate with state certifications in welding and nursing, 以及农业方面的行业认证, 业务, 幼儿发展, 工业维护.
  • We offer a variety of dual credit courses through Murray State University and West Kentucky Career and Technical College. Qualifying students can take up to 36 hours of college coursework while they are still in high school, 包括每学期两门免学费课程.
  • 活动/俱乐部/运动:学术团队, 区域科学碗, 唱诗班, 乐队, 艺术, drama; FBLA, 葬礼, FFA, 浩沙, SkillsUSA, β, 学生会, 鼓舞士气的, Art; TSA, STLP, and STAND; baseball, 篮球, 啦啦队, 足球, 高尔夫球, 足球, 垒球, 网球, track, 和排球.225名学生,6-8年级


  • Services for pre-K to 12th grade special-needs students; mental health and family counselors available
  • Includes individualized education plans specific to each child’s need and ability level.
  • We also have a joint venture with the Easter Seals Center of Western Kentucky for career placement, and collaboration with the state’s Vocational Rehabilitation office for post-secondary services.

All of our schools are located on a single campus, conveniently located on U.S. 拉肯特以西60号. We’d love for you to come and see the difference for yourself. You can contact our building principals or superintendent directly, 或者了解更多关于入学的一般信息, 我们的学生人事主管. All phone numbers are 270-665-8400, followed by the extensions below:

BCPS/特殊教育:terry Wehmeyer - Terri.wehmeyer@ballard.kyschools.我们,ext. 2101
克里斯·谢弗——克里斯.sheffer@ballard.kyschools.我们,ext. 2201
安珀·帕克-安珀.parker@ballard.kyschools.我们,ext. 2301
莱斯利·戴维斯-莱斯利.davis@ballard.kyschools.我们,ext. 2501
警长凯西·艾伦-凯西.allen@ballard.kyschools.我们,ext. 2001
学生人事主任鲍勃·威尔逊-鲍勃.wilson@ballard.kyschools.我们,ext. 2014

点击 在这里 for more information about the 手机版 School System.


手机版, Kentucky is a p艺术 of the Purchase Area Development District.  Last year, universities in Purchase Area Development District PUMA, KY awarded 4,756 degrees. The student population of Purchase Area Development District PUMA, KY偏向于女性, 用2,男生031名,男生2名,725名女学生. Most students in Purchase Area Development District PUMA, KY are White (3,959 and 83.2%), followed by Black or African American (304 and 6.39%),西班牙裔或拉丁裔(106和2).23%),两个或更多的种族(53和1).11%).
The largest universities in Purchase Area Development District PUMA, KY by number of graduates are West Kentucky Community and Technical College (2,444和51.4%),默里州立大学(2267人和47人).7%), The most popular majors in Purchase Area Development District PUMA, KY are Licensed Practical & 职业护士培训(267和5).焊接技术(153和3).22%), and Medical Administrative Assistant (141 and 2.96%). The median tuition costs in Purchase Area Development District PUMA, KY是私立四年制大学的N/A, 和7美元,296美元和21美元,576年分别, for public four year colleges for in-state students and out-of-state students.
Murray State University’s Hutson School of Agriculture Campus is also being developed right here in 手机版, which will sustain our future as one of the nations’ leading farm communities.